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Does Reliable Consolidated Shipping Services Help?

Which reliable consolidated shipping services offered the best? The best way to get your desired shopping mania across the worlds without the barriers. Furthermore, those reliable consolidated shipping services will provide an address to use for delivery. The location which is free of taxing, repacking and console shipping to worldwide. Moreover, the customer can relax while monitoring items reached without hassle. Encounter issue when purchasing items online store that not able to accept credit card payment from overseas? Therefore a personal shopper will definitely a choice for it. Do you use those reliable consolidated shipping services listed below?

List Of Reliable Consolidated Shipping Services.


viabox_banner_01In today’s context, Viabox plays dynamic roles of reaction needs by online shoppers. The overall setup allows customers initial their favorite retailers in the United States to forward delivery to Viabox warehouse address. Viabox a partner with UPS, DHL, USPS, etc. to arrange worldwide delivery with smooth and solid service.

No additional cost for the following consolidated shipping services, which help the customer to gain or reduce cost impact.

  • Together with warehousing system automated, package sorting and storage retrieval systems.
  • As well as Free Received Boxes Photos no more guessing what boxes you received.
  • In addition, Assisted Purchase gets customer items, where merchant not able to accept your non-US credit card.
  • Moreover, consolidated packages into one box to save cost.
  • Likewise, repackaging service to remove unwanted packaging, which can reduce the volume and shipping cost.


borderlinx_banner_01Not only the customer can shop online but also can use Borderlinx to consoled before ship worldwide. Borderlinx supports online shopper buying in the United States, European, Asian websites with special addresses. Not to mention getting your order delivered to the console warehouse. Borderlinx already 9 years from the start in 2007 provided genuine, value for money and services.

  • In fact, no more hassle for customers to shop online at their desired top deals, upcoming branded and trendy items around the online world.
  • Instead, Borderlinx also provides personal shopper service. Customer shop at any online stores and use the personal shopper services to buy on behalf. Which some store customer unable to make payment to their non-US credit card. Once the items selected complete the concierge order and the personal shopper will place the order and keeps updating at every move.
  • In addition, services of a console and repacking will help reduce about 80% off on shipping fees. For example about 50% for consolidation and 20% repacking services.
  • Again, the Borderlinx is knowledgeable and able to handle international customs compliance.


stackry_banner_01Stackry is supporting the United Stated online merchant, ship to global from 1986 onwards. The variety of carriers Stackry uses to provide our customers choice in term of competitive price, tracking information, the speed of delivery, and reliability responsive. Example primary carriers like FedEx, USPS, DHL Worldwide Express and Global Mail. The ranges from premium FedEx provide an offer on express shipping. Likewise, Global Mail offered detail tracking to help out customers saving on shipping. In addition, our shipping companies handle a quite wide range of maximum packages sizes services.


myus_banner_01Time passed over 18 years, MyUs in times of growing reputation, reliable, trusted and knowledgeable know-how in worldwide shipping. The major partnerships like DHL, UPS, FedEx, and USPS support with lowest rates, prompt delivery and provide shipping solutions. Coverage for online shoppers who wishes to buy in United Stated and deliver worldwide’s. As well personal shopper service available to help customer buying online.

By joining as member enjoy more benefit plus 30 days free trial membership worth US$7 + first arrangement 20% off. If recently arranging shipment, why not give a try? There is no hassle in any tie-up with contract or cancellation fee.

  • In the first place, selection carrier upon Members desired shipper under lower cost option. In addition, extra discounts applied to premium memberships.
  • Moreover, Members can select options on routes and affordable delivery upon their needs, which based on MyUs analyze routes and rates.
  • Regardless of surprises with MyUs, their global carriers keep us updated factors that may impact local deliveries.
  • Uniquely protection for the environment by using Green Wrap protective cushioning packaging.
  • Identically, MyUs consolidated shipping services to ensure maximum shipping cost savings, protected securely hosted in our facility and packaged in a cost-effective way.


shipito_banner_01Unfortunately, some stores do not offer to ship to international customers. Shipito able to solve that problem. Now shopping online at any United Stated store and have packages delivered to new Shipito address. Once package received, an email is notifying the customer. After all, there will be an arrangement on the package take of photos on the label and outside whole package. Similarly, key in the information into the system and sender will receive relevant information. In general, the customer has an option to choose which shipping method and mailing schedule to ship out the packages. Likewise, Shipito also consolidates shipping services and Assisted Purchase to help customer shop on behalf.


comgateway_banner_01ComGateway from 2005, is an e-commerce company that provides solutions for shopping online and shipping internationally. In general, Customers shop globally from any USA online merchant. Then comGateway offers trusted online service, reliable, and convenient. Such as best rates offered, a smart way to enjoy savings when shopping online the United States. In fact, BUYFORME feature can help the shopper buys online, where some online stores due to security reason only accept United States credit cards. For example, Pro services can try out Ebates have partnered over 500 brands from United Stated.


vpost_banner_01Good, news for online shopping fever. Enjoy a global shopping experience in United State, United Kingdom, Japan, and China via Vpost. Currently, Vpost is connecting with the following country Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Thailands, and India. Secure, reliable, and consolidated shipping services available for customer who wish to explore the international online shopping. No hidden cost and hassle-free with the exact amount to pay and ship it out.

Vpost also figured out the best way to reduce your packaging size. The repack package weighs, given that, benefits the more you save. Because of valuable items need extra care against loss or damage during shipping Vpost come with vCare support. After all, Vpost makes the process as simple as possible for you. Tracking of package status in a timely manner from the warehouse until reaching the customer’s doorstep. In general, Vpost creates an easy-to-use account and package management site.

Shop & Ship

shopship_banner_01In fact, to bring the shopping mania to the next level around the wonderful world. The Shop & Ship able to provide 18 countries physical warehouse and deliver to the customer location. In brief, it allows online shopping from the United States, United Kingdom/Europe, China, Hong Kong, Turkey, UAE, India, South Africa, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Singapore, Canada, Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea and Japan. Usually, within 12 months of online activation the Lifetime Membership and shipped at least once not satisfied, entitled to claim for a refund. As a member, it also provides protected against loss or damage, shipments above US$100 automatically covered by the Shop & Ship as per terms.


tiptrans_banner_01Tiptrans nine years in China provide reliable consolidated shipping services and Assisted Buying on behalf. Shop thousands of online stores and have packages delivered to Tiptrans warehouse located China (Shenzhen) and Europe (Czech Republic). Tiptrans will consolidate more packages into one, to give customer saving on international shipping rates. However, Premium members can enjoy our Hong Kong warehouse. Received packages in Germany address will arrive and keep in Czech warehouse. After all, with Personal Assist buy online will ease the customer with language and cultural differences between Europe/United States and China. Local employees Tiptrans will take care of the whole purchase process. Tiptrans repack to make them as small as possible to avoid high international shipping rates.


gshipexpress_banner_01GShipExpress support country like USA, Europe, and Taiwan on reliable consolidated shipping services. Once packages received into GShipExpress warehouse will be able to arrange to deliver worldwide.GShipExpress as well offer SHOP4ME concierge services to help customer online buying. In addition, with the GShipExpress advanced logistics system and a trained logistics team will always repack your packages into smaller volumetric size. It will definitely help save in shipping charges. GShipExpress always valued customer and priority to ensure packages reaching sooner.

How much have you spent on consolidated shipping services?

Did you try those services before? Put on the comments and lets it spread across the world on those services good or bad.

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